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Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy Teaches Respect to Students

By Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Houston, TX

Martial Arts, Karate and Jiu-jitsu to the common man may only be a ritual of self-defense and fighting techniques. However, the intricacies of learning jiu jitsu and karate go much deeper than this superficial belief. Jiu-jitsu and karate have been known to teach its students much more than just a fighting style. Martial arts training programs have a great number of varied, unifying and underlying principles that are also taught to students.


A few of these values that are imparted to students at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy include self-discipline, courtesy, greater self-confidence, larger self-esteem and strength of mind. However, one of the most important fundamental principles that underlie a karate training program is the principle of respect.

Value of respect


Respect is a value that everyone understands the need and importance of. Respect needs to be both given and received. One of the aspects of respect that is commonly looked over is self-respect. Having self-respect is one of the most important stepping stones to being able to respect others and develop as a person. However, even though respect holds such importance, it is not commonly seen today especially in the youth.


How martial arts training can develop respect

Martial arts training programs are specifically designed to imbibe a sense of respect into students both on and off the mat. The environment at a jiu jitsu and karate training center helps students to not only develop respect for their seniors and instructors, but also for their peers. As a student develops and learns karate he understands that the best way forward is through perseverance and self-belief. It is natural for a student to subsequently develop a sense of self-respect as well. Many parents have observed that their children have developed a greater sense of respect not only for the people at their training classes but also in all other crucial areas of their lives.


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