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Transform Your Child Into A Confident Martial Arts Leader With Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes right here in Houston, Texas.

Discover how Jiu-jitsu training will transform your child into a confident and focused individual ready for life’s biggest challenges

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Did you know that Martial Arts is 10 times better than team sports in developing a child’s self- esteem and confidence? Do you have a child that is very shy or timid? Or, on the contrary, is your child way too energetic or in need of some positive discipline? Our Kids Martial Arts Programs will give your child loads of confidence and is a super positive outlet for all that extra energy.

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Our Jiu-jitsu will give your child an unfair advantage in life. The lessons we teach will instill a sense of confidence, discipline and focus that is hard to beat and will help shape your child into a strong, determined adult. It’s amazing to see the transition that every child at Team Tooke Martial Arts Academy makes when parents make the smart decision to enroll their child in our program. Grades improve, discipline improves, confidence goes up and they become more focused.

Do you want to give your child more opportunities to succeed in life?

By signing your child up for our FREE trial you will quickly see why we are the best choice for Jiu-jitsu lessons in the greater Houston area. We are dedicated to helping every child succeed and you can expect the same when you come to our school. Don’t put it off any longer. Your child is the most important part of your life, give them the opportunity to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

However, that’s NOT the biggest benefit your child will receive. Our primary objective here at Team Tooke is character development. We are committed to building outstanding individuals within our community. In our program, your child will learn the importance of Respect, Discipline, Focus, Teamwork, Dedication, and Perseverance. Each month we focus on a different theme in our classes and we assign fun “homework” for each child to do every month. Don’t be surprised at the improved behavior and attitude your child will show outside the gym after getting involved in our Jiu-jitsu program.

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Life Changing Areas For Children in Martial Arts

Our school focuses on developing leaders through quality martial arts classes that improve your life in these 3 key areas.

In School

At Home

In The Community

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What Our Students Are Saying

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3 Benefits That Kids Get From Martial Arts

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Less Social Media Dependence

A Higher Physical Fitness Level

Better Performance in School

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Enhance their lives through Martial Arts

“My goal is to help as many kids as possible enhance their lives through the Martial Arts. Here at Team Tooke Martial Arts Academy, your children will learn how to defend themselves utilizing our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu system. Our system we teach the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self defense so your child is prepared for the standing aspect of grappling as well as the ground. We also focus a great deal on fitness and conditioning so your child will get in the best shape they have ever been in.”
– Travis Tooke

Team Tooke Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class

Kid’s Grappling & Little Champions Programs

We have two different programs for our kids here at Team Tooke . Our Kid’s Jiu-jitsu program is for kids 7-13 years old and our Little champions Program is for the younger kids, ages 4-6. The class teaches a combination of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and submission grappling.

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We provide the best value anywhere in Texas!

I’m sure by now you can see how valuable our system of Martial Arts for Kids can be for your child. But, just to put your mind at ease, I’m willing to offer you something that no other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Texas is doing. I will give your child 30 Days Free just to try out our program. And, when you decide to enroll him or her I will back up my program with a 60 Day Iron Clad Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. That’s right. If you and your child aren’t positively ecstatic about the benefits from our program, I will refund your money 100%. Why am I making such a bold offer? Because that’s how confident I am that once you try out our program both you and your child will become members for life.

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This is a GIFT That Will Last a Lifetime through school, college and into the work world.

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