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Jiu-jitsu classes teach children the importance of respect

Jiu jitsu classes teach children Respect

One of the most common things I hear from parents considering Jiu-jitsu classes for their children is “will jiu-jitsu classes teach them respect”? It seems that many parents struggle with kids who have a lack of respect. This is both in the household and even in school. While self defense is a crucial component of training, respect for self and others is equally important

In martial arts, respect is a fundamental element that must be exercised in every class. Respect for your instructor is essential so that a Jiu-jitsu student will listen and follow instructions properly. And respect for your teammates is a must, especially in martial arts where a lack of respect could result in injury.

Respect outside of Jiu-jitsu classes

But the respect for teammates and instructor is not limited to the Jiu-jitsu/martial arts classroom. What parents soon realize is that kids develop an internal respect for themselves and others. They carry this with them always. Phrases such as “yes sir”, “yes ma’am”, “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me” become common place among students of martial arts. Speaking clearly, making eye contact and standing with strong posture and body language are also evident.

Perhaps the most important component of respect that Jiu-jitsu students exhibit is in their consideration of how they will act and behave ahead of time. You might call it “planned respect”. They consider the consequences of their actions and how respect must be present at all times.

When students bow into class, bow to one another and bow on and off of the training floor, it’s not merely following tradition. Martial arts students are demonstrating that they are here to train. They are here to improve and reach their goals. And they are paying respect to the many generations of martial artist’s who have paved the way to make the art what it is today. They are also showing gratitude and respect for their teammates and instructors. And they know that this respect will be reciprocated.

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