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Team Tooke brings home 2 silver medals at the IBJJF 2024 Pans!

Team Tooke Jiu-jitsu Academy brings home some hardware at the 2024 IBJJF PANS!

Professor Travis Tooke and the team headed out to Orlando, FL to compete in the 2024 IBJJF Pans. Melissa Lozano, Jack Moores, Kas Borschied, Eddie Pugachov, Julian Barbosa and Jade Nunez stepped onto the competition floor against some of the best Jiu-jitsu fighters in the world. In the end, the team came home with 2 silver medals.

Julian started off the action inthe mens featherweight blue belt division. After the 6 minute time limit expired, the match was dead even with no one scoring. It seemed that Julian was going to be awarded the victory since he had a near guard pass at the end of the match. Unfortunately, the referree awarded the victory to his opponent.

Next Up was Eddie Pugachov who has a spectacular run on his way toward the finals. He landed 3 submission, won 2 on points and didn’t have a single point scored against him. In the finals, he lost to a super technical opponent and will be that much more prepared for the World Championships in late May. 

Jade Nunez is a relatively new Jiu-jitsu competitor in the white belt division but she is a ferocious athlete. Jade won her first match by americana after dominating the positional game. In round 2, she started off strong with a beautiful Judo throw but later lost position and ended up losing the match by points. 

Melissa Lozano is a multiple time world champion as a blue, purple and brown belt. She was recently promoted to BJJ Black Belt and made her Jiu-jitsu black belt debut against a few veterans of the sport. Thought she didn’t come out on top this time, she held her own like a champion and will undoubtedly be a black belt world champion in the future. 

Unfortunately Jack Moores sustained a rib injury in his opening match and was forced to stop the match early. He will recover and be ready to go again in August for the Jiu-jitsu Master Worlds.

Kas Borschied had a great showing taking silver in her division. Kas trains primarily with Team Toores (a Team Tooke affiliate) and has recently gotten back into competition. This was a great prep competition for the Master Worlds and I know the team will be ready to go.

Congratulations to the Team Tooke squad for a great showing and for leading by example. Time to get ready fo the next challenge!