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3 Reasons Why Kids Should Train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

3 Reasons Why Kids Should Train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

In this post I’d like to share what I believe are the 3 best reasons why all kids should train in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. As a martial arts coach for the past 20 years I have witnessed first hand the positive impact that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can have on a child’s life. This positive effect goes beyond the training floor of the martial arts academy. It can be seen in their school grades, their relationships and how they set, plan and accomplish short term and long term goals.

  1. Physical Fitness: This one is probably the most obvious but I can’t overstate the importance of physical activity for kids. We live in the most comfortable time ever in human history. The innovations and solutions that mankind has produced is simply incredible. But with this innovation comes the ability to coast through the days eating too much and moving too little. This sedentary lifestyle often leads to anxiety, obesity, diabetes, and a whole spectrum of problems leaving kids unprepared to handle themselves in the adult world. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training is one of the best forms of  exercise that a person can practice. It builds muscle and strength, improves flexibility and agility and is an amazing cardiovascular workout.

  2. Self Confidence: As mentioned earlier, many kids these days are turning to video games and social media in place of human to human interaction. I’m not opposed to video games. In fact, I believe that the hand-eye coordination required to become a great gamer is a wonderful and impressive skill. But when too much time is taken away from real human connection, people tend to become reclusive. This can decrease confidence and make life more difficult in situations where you you are required to interact with another human being. When a student learns the skills of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and self defense, confidence increases and with that comes the desire to push oneself in a challenging and positive direction. Self confidence is one of the biggest side effects of becoming a student of BJJ

  3. Self Defense: This benefit directly impacts the previous mentioned benefit of Self Confidence. Knowing that you have learned and now possess the skills necessary to defend yourself has a tremendous impact on your self confidence. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was created to be a realistic form of actual self defense that a much smaller opponent can effectively use against a larger opponent of lesser skill. When you have the skillset to defend yourself in a self defense situation, you will likely never need to use it. People with high confidence tend to walk, talk and express themselves in a way that keeps bullies at bay.

While the above list are just a few examples (there are countless), I hope it clearly shows how kids (and adults) of all ages can benefit immensely from practicing the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


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