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Martial Arts Competition for Kids

Competition is a natural part of growing up. Whether its siblings competing for their parents attention, friends competing for the attention of their peers or competition in sports, human beings are competitive by nature. However, not all competition is healthy. Some competitive acts can cross the line into bullying territory. And, in many team sports, some players are excluded from participation. Martial Arts like Jiu-jitsu allow all students to play, participate and compete in a healthy and safe environment. The right Jiu-jitsu academy will nurture the competitive nature of students and use it as a tool to bring about a stronger, more confident individual. For these reasons, competition done right can be one of the most useful tools for developing a persons mental toughness at any age. 

In Jiu-jitsu, you either win or you learn

If you watch a Jiu-jitsu competition match and you will see one kid win and one kid lose. In case you missed who’s hand was raised you will be able to spot the winner by the large smile on their face. The kid who lost might be frowning or downright crying. Although we want to protect our kids from negative experiences, we need to learn that losing is NOT A BAD THING. In fact, the opportunity to learn, grow and improve is greatest when we face challenges that are just outside of our grasp. By learning from mistakes, adjusting our course and trying again, all people of any age can make dramatic improvements in their results. We need to stop protecting our kids from so called “negative experiences” and see them for what they really are…valuable tools for learning. Competition in Jiu-jitsu teaches children respect, humility, work ethic and how to be graceful in both victory and defeat. Many of the skills we most admire in successful, productive adults are learned on the competition floor.


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