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Travis Tooke and Steve Portillo in Jiu-jitsu Class

Jiu-jitsu for mental clarity and focus

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is great for mental focus The modern world of today is better than it has ever been for most everything that we value in life. However, with technological advancements comes some unwanted side effects. …
New Jiu Jitsu Book: Jiu-jitsu and Life: Lessons Learned On and Off the Mat

Are you a Jiu-jitsu Student, Teacher or Competitor?

What kind of Jiu-jitsu artist are you? In any Jiu-jitsu class you will find a variety of student types. Some are hobbyists, some are competitive athletes and others have earned a spot teaching other students. This …
Andre Galvao Gordan Ryan

Gordan Ryan Slaps Andre Galvao at WNO Jiu-jitsu Event

Gordan Ryan Slaps Andre Galvao at WNO Jiu-jitsu At the most recent “Who’s Number One”, Gordan Ryan returned to competition to face off against a very tough and talented Roberto Jimenez. Jiminez put on a strong …