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Cameron Graves Head Kick

Cameron Graves retains the Fury FC MMA Title!

Cameron Graves retains the Fury FC MMA title with a TKO victory! Team Tooke Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and MMA fighter Cameron Graves defended his featherweight title on Sunday, March 7th in Houston, TX. His opponent was …
Travis Tooke No Gi Fitness

5 benefits of training NO-GI Jiu-jitsu

What is No-Gi Jiu-jitsu and why should you train in it? Traditional Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is practiced wearing the kimono, or “gi”. When training in this method there are numerous grips that can be made to control …
Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Jose Llanas

Jose Llanas takes home the Gold at the IBJJF Dallas Open Jiu-jitsu Competition

2021 IBJJF Dallas Open Jiu-jitsu Competition This past Saturday, March 6th the IBJJF Dallas Open Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Competition was held. Among the Team Tooke athletes competing was Jiu-jitsu black belt and instructor, Jose Llanas. Professor Jose …
Travis Tooke and Steve Portillo in Jiu-jitsu Class

Jiu-jitsu for mental clarity and focus

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is great for mental focus The modern world of today is better than it has ever been for most everything that we value in life. However, with technological advancements comes some unwanted side effects. …