Cameron Graves Head Kick

Cameron Graves retains the Fury FC MMA Title!

Cameron Graves retains the Fury FC MMA title with a TKO victory!

Team Tooke Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and MMA fighter Cameron Graves defended his featherweight title on Sunday, March 7th in Houston, TX. His opponent was the very tough and talented Brazilian fighter, Gabriel Macario. The match started off with Macario leading the offense and landing several shots. He was also able to secure a takedown where he landed a few shots to Graves inside of his guard. Graves kept his composure and made it through to the 2nd round.

In round 2 the tide shifted  and Cameron started to land some shots including a big punch that bloodied up his opponents nose. Gabriel didn’t back down though and continued to land shots of his own in the now even match. Just when both fighters match seemed to be finding their rhythm, Graves threw up his patented left head kick sending Macario to the canvas floor. A few punches later and the ref stopped the match. Cameron Graves was declared the winner by TKO in round 2 of Fury FC 44!


Cameron Graves is a 9-3 professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter with aspirations of fighting in the UFC. He is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and an active Jiu-jitsu competitor along with Mixed Martial Arts competition.


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