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Gordan Ryan Slaps Andre Galvao at WNO Jiu-jitsu Event

Gordan Ryan Slaps Andre Galvao at WNO Jiu-jitsu

At the most recent “Who’s Number One”, Gordan Ryan returned to competition to face off against a very tough and talented Roberto Jimenez. Jiminez put on a strong performance but ultimately it was Ryan who was able to secure the mount position and win by arm bar. After the match, Gordan was walking backstage to do the post match interview. As shown in a phone camera recording, Galvao and Ryan exchanged a few words. Ryan approached Galvao, Galvao pushed him away and then it happened…POW! Ryan slapped Galvao right across his face that was louder than any words said up to that point. Maybe the audio pickups on smart phones are super sensitive but I think it sounded that loud because the slap was really hard! Andre Galvao and Gordan Ryan are no strangers to the Jiu-jitsu world. In fact, they are arguably the 2 greatest no-gi Jiu-jitsu grapplers on the planet. Galvao is a 5 time IBJJF Black Belt World Champion and holds the most ADCC super fight victories. Ryan is the current ADCC absolute champion and will be fighting for the super fight title holder at the next ADCC event. So if these guys have earned so much respect, why aren’t they getting along?

Not their first encounter

The beef between Galvao and Ryan is not new. These 2 have been arguing and online trolling one another for years. There is a pretty big rivalry between the 2 schools that they represent (Atos-Galvao and Renzo Gracie/DDS-Ryan). Their online antics are disrespectful no doubt, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining! While I don’t doubt that the fued is authentic, I wouldn’t be shocked if these 2 were secret allies. The thing is, there are rumors of putting on a jiu-jitsu super fight between Galvao and Ryan for a $1 Million Prize. And if that’s the case, then a public rivalry makes perfect sense. And that disrespectful slap to the face, well that might be all the fuel required to set up a big payday for both of these jiu-jitsu aces. I for one would love to see a match between these 2 legends and I know the rest of the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu community would love to see it as well.


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