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Jiu-jitsu for mental clarity and focus

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is great for mental focus

The modern world of today is better than it has ever been for most everything that we value in life. However, with technological advancements comes some unwanted side effects. Most notably, the anxiety associated with over stimulation. Social media, smart phones and the dawn of instant information has made us an ever more distracted society. Don’t believe me, try this. The next time you find yourself at a red light, take a look at the drivers to your left and right. Chances are about 100% that many to all of them will be on their phones. Actually, chances are high that you will be, too! That’s why Jiu-jitsu can be so much more that just a fun art form. It is also a helpful and much needed mental clarity class.

What happens to your mind during a Jiu-jitsu class?

Unlike going to the gym where you might engage your phone in between every workout set, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu requires your complete focus. You must control your breathing, focus on your opponent, defend their attacks and press forward with your offense. Get distracted and you’ll get swept and choked! Being in this state of mind brings with it a sense of mental freedom. In a very real sense, nothing else exist at that moment while you are fully engaged. It’s just you, your training partner and what each of you bring to the table. And while you might be trying to tap one another out, you will feel a great deal of gratitude for your training partner along with the exhausting training session you spend together. There are few activities that offer such a complete “in the moment” experience that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu offers.


Travis Tooke is a 4th degree Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and the owner/head instructor of Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts. He is an ongoing student, a motivating teacher and a Jiu-jitsu competitor.


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