Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Jose Llanas

Jose Llanas takes home the Gold at the IBJJF Dallas Open Jiu-jitsu Competition

2021 IBJJF Dallas Open Jiu-jitsu Competition

This past Saturday, March 6th the IBJJF Dallas Open Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Competition was held. Among the Team Tooke athletes competing was Jiu-jitsu black belt and instructor, Jose Llanas. Professor Jose competed in one of the most challenging divisions in the competition, black belt master 2 middle weight. Though the competition was stiff, Jose Llanas plowed through his first 2 opponents with submission victories (1 arm bar, 1 toe hold). In the finals he faced a very strategic opponent who played a calculated game designed to win by advantages and positional stifling. This tactic proved to be a bit successful early on in the match. But then Jose managed to offset his opponents balance, reverse his position and gain the needed advantage point necessary to pull off the win.

The true value of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Competition

While it’s true that winning is always more fun than losing, what’s more important is the Jiu-jitsu competition itself. By testing yourself in battle you are guaranteed to come out a better martial artist regardless of the result. In fact, the moment that you tap the “enroll” button to register for the competition online a shift happens in your mind. You will find yourself more focused during class, drilling with more intent, working harder to ensure the best possible outcome. Yes, there will be a sense of nervous energy, but this experience will bend and shape you into something more than what you were before. That’s the real reason why Brazilian Jiu-jitsu students should compete. The gold medals are fun. And the losses are disappointing. But becoming the best version of yourself is always a winning proposition.

Travis Tooke is a 4th degree Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt. He is the head instructor and CEO of Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy.

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