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Place Awareness: Children and Martial Arts

Jiu-jitsu Teaches Children Place Awareness

In an increasingly distracted AND distracting world, developing awareness is a skill that all parents should be teaching their kids. Most kids these days have a smart phone. This has its benefits in that we can know where our kids are at all times, can easily communicate with them and they have access to hundreds of years of data and history via the internet. So what could go wrong? LOL. Well, as I’m sure you’re well aware, these smart phones are making our kids incredibly distracted. So what’s the solution?…A well structured system that teaches discipline, focus and awareness in a challenging environment. That’s where Jiu-jitsu comes into play. 

How Jiu-jitsu Re-Focuses the mind

When a child practicing in Jiu-jitsu class, he/she is fully engaged in the present moment. There are no cell phones, video games or internet based distractions. Just the child, the instructor, the classmates and the next drill, technique or live training session. The benefits of such a training environment go so far beyond practical and applicable self defense. In short, kids become much more self aware and gain a tremendous amount of self confidence and personal responsibility. Not to mention that their minds are being challenged and stimulated by the intricacies of the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.  In the fast paced world we live in today, I cannot think of a better way to challenge a young mind and develop personal place awareness that the Jiu-jitsu floor.


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