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Better Grades

Martial Arts helps kids improve grades in school

Improve focus and discipline to improve grades

Parents and students alike have a strong interest in good academic grades. Achieving good grades is a worthy goal but has more to do with a students ability to focus than it does natural academic ability. If a kid is easily distracted, undisciplined and adopts a lazy approach to studying and homework, the result will be poor grades in school. By developing these skills outside of school, students develop what they need to succeed in grade school and later in college.

Jiu-jitsu improves the qualities needed to make good grades

Weekly training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gives kids an advantage over others by honing in on the skills of discipline and focus among others. Kids who regularly practice Jiu-jitsu are essentially “studying” the art, learning the techniques and then applying them in a realistic situation. Much like studying for a test and then taking an exam, Jiu-jitsu gives students the training they need to excel in almost any environment. The discipline of training every week will also carry over into a child’s studies. He/she will be more likely to complete their homework, finish projects and study/prepare for upcoming quizes and exams. 

In summary, there are few activities that develop a child’s mental focus and personal discipline more than weekly training in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The skills acquired will carry them beyond the initial goal of better grades and school performance. It will become a guide on how to interact with others and how to take full responsibility for a happy and productive life.

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