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How Jiu-jitsu Teaches Discipline to Kids


Discipline Equals Freedom

You have probably heard he expression, “Discipline Equals Freedom”. It was popularized by the book of the same title by former Navy Seal Jocko Willink. But what does this phrase mean? We live in a country where the concept of “freedom” is something that many of us take for granted. And yet, many of us (and our children) are not free to pursue our dreams and live the lives that we are capable of. That’s because most lack the cure to this ailment, discipline. An undisciplined mind will always be at the mercy of distraction, conformity and temporary pleasure. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, alcohol, and all sorts of leisure activities and quick fixes will rob kids of their ability to develop into responsible, goal driven young adults. Discipline is the cure

Routine is the first step

Developing a daily routine is one of the most valuable parts of creating a disciplined mind. Kids will naturally gravitate toward quick pleasures so it’s up to the parents to design a daily routine for their kids. Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day, brushing their teeth, doing their homework, going to school…etc, these all contribute to a more disciplined lifestyle. Daily exercise should always be a part of a disciplined lifestyle.

Martial Arts creates more disciplined children

WIth perhaps the exception of the military, there is no greater way to create discipline in children that through martial arts training. Daily practice in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu  develops the mind and body while increasing focus and sharpening attention. By working toward improved skill in Jiu-jitsu, students develop discipline in a fun and challenging way. And, they get to do it in an environment that with other kids and with positive role model instructors. The technical development of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu demands complete focus and must be practiced on a consistent basis. And the physical requirements mean that students will need to eat well, recover and stay in shape. Training in a martial art like Jiu-jitsu is the complete package when it comes to creating balanced, disciplined children in today’s distracted and complex society.


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