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Jiu-jitsu and Awareness of Surroundings

Jiu-jitsu and Awareness

The modern world is more connected than ever. Smart phones and tablets allow us to access information within seconds. We can chat with a friend across the ocean with crystal clear video and audio. Have a question but don’t know the answer…Google it! Every kid in the world with a smart phone has access to more information than the president of the United States had in the 90’s! And yet, in spite of, or perhaps because of this, kids are increasingly distracted. Instead of noticing the natural world around them, they are drawn into the artificial world of the internet. And while technology has produced countless amazing improvements in quality of life for many, there is an apparent side effect. And it’s most evident in kids. They. Are. DISTRACTED!

There is no turning back the clock when it comes to progress. And, we wouldn’t want to if we could because the upside is incredible. But we have to address the very real concerns of distracted kids in a modern world. And Jiu-jitsu might just be the perfect solution

Jiu-jitsu Training

In a jiu-jitsu class, kids are not plugged into their phones but they are plugged into the lesson of the day. Focus, attention to detail and connection with your body, your teammate and your surroundings are consistently being drilled day after day. This training develops awareness among students, especially children. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a harmonious combination of human connection, physical exertion, mental stimulation and emotional control. In other words, students have to bring forth their best effort to every class. Within a few weeks, parents start to notice a shift in positive behavior. And kids become less distracted and more in tuned with everything else that they do. In fact, kids who practice Jiu-jitsu perform better in school, behave better at home and develop stronger social skills than the average child. With these improvements come a giant boost in overall mental health and confidence. Every child can benefit tremendously from an authentic Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program.


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