Self Defense Training

What is Self Defense?

When we hear the term “Self Defense“, many of us naturally think of some form of martial art training. But the term means more than just your ability to defend yourself against another person. There are so many variables when considering all the self defense encounters that could take place. What if you have to protest yourself and a loved one? What if there are more than one attackers? What are your surroundings like? Are weapons involved? Can you escape or do you need to fight back? Are you standing or is the self defense situation on the ground? Learning a few basic self defense techniques is great but might not be enough in a real life encounter.

Become a Martial Artist

In order to prepare yourself for a variety of potentially dangerous encounters, training in a real martial arts school is the best option. By training your mind, body, self awareness and confidence on a daily basis, you will be aware and prepared for a variety of encounters. Just your increase in confidence and awareness alone will deter the majority of would be attackers. By arming yourself and your family with ongoing martial arts training, you will arm them with the skills needed to protect themselves and their loved ones…not to mention the physical benefits that come with training martial arts every week. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can get started learning realistic self defense skills for you and the whole family I encourage you to take advantage of some free self defense classes. Call 281-955-7300 and be sure to visit us online at