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Self Belief for Kids


Developing Self Belief

Developing a sense of belief in oneself is not as easy as just making up your mind to do so. In a world of instant gratification and social media where everything is made to appear perfect, many modern humans are plagued with self doubt. And while it’s possible to conquer this mountain of doubt, the best time to develop resilience and self belief is during childhood. The most formative years of a persons life are when he/she is a child. If we are given the right amount of challenge/struggle blended with support and encouragement, we will grow into confident young adults who believe that anything is possible. There is perhaps no better environment suited to this task than a Jiu-jitsu academy

Martial Arts Training for Self Belief

The beauty of a martial art like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is that it allows every child to progress and grow at his/her own pace. Unlike team sports (football, soccer, baseball), Jiu-jitsu gives every student equal opportunity to progress and grow in the art. Some students will progress faster than others as with will activities. But the potential for developing self belief is high with all the students of a qualified martial arts program. A competent Jiu-jitsu instructor will recognize the best path for developing the mind of a young student and will give him/her the right amount of challenge to overcome in every class. By consistently challenging students in a positive and encouraging manner, students create a habit of success and are motivated by challenge. Consistent and incremental progress in the classroom leads to a strong sense of self belief. 

“Losing” on the mat creates Winners in Life 

In Jiu-jitsu we have a saying, “you don’t lose in Jiu-jitsu, you either win or you learn”. Tapping out in class or losing a tournament can be disappointing, but it teaches a valuable lesson in humility. By experiencing these small setbacks in a safe and supportive environment, kids learn how to deal with not always getting their way. These lessons are invaluable in a few ways. For one, they prepare children to accept that things won’t always go their way. And two, that if they really want something in life, they will have to work hard to earn in.

Jiu-jitsu teaches kids to respect their fellow human being, to work hard for what they want in life and, most importantly, to believe in themselves and always put forth their very best effort.


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