• Tooke Talks Episode 10: Andrew Craig

    Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and former UFC Fighter Andrew Craig joins the Tooke Talks podcast. Andrew and Travis are cousins and this interview was like all other get togethers...lots of laughs! Andrew shares his thoughts on the local UFC event in town that weekend and insight from his background. Great talk from one of Texas' most successful MMA fighters.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 9: Dr. Luu

    CEO of Ollin Athletics and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt joins the show. Dr. Luu has worked with Travis Tooke since the early days in the garage and is now a Black Belt and highly regarded strength and conditioning coach for some of the top athletes in the country. In this episode he shares his insight into training, recovery and injuries. Great episode for all combat athletes.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 8: Eric Garcia

    Fury Fighting/Submission Hunter CEO Eric Garcia joins the show. Eric is a self made entrepreneur and on the show he shares his journey through the business world of Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-jitsu. He also has excellent advice for up and coming MMA fighters and shares his wisdom from years of being one of the top MMA organizations in the country.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 7: Todd Moore

    One of my best friends and long time training partners Todd Moore joins the show. Professor Todd share his history as one of the top MMA fighters in Texas and how he has transitioned into the professional world. Now a school teacher, MMA judge and Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai instructor at Team Tooke, Professor Todd is a Renaissance Martial Artist
  • Tooke Talks Episode 6: Voddie Baucham Jr.

    World renowned minister Voddie Baucham Jr. joins Travis Tooke from his home is Lusaka, Zambia. Travis and Voddie discuss his history in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and how he came to open the first Jiu-jitsu Academy in the country of Zambia. Voddie is a passionate minister and has devoted his life to serving others. His Jiu-jitsu school in Lusaka is his latest project and has already grown tremendously. You are sure to enjoy the passion and enthusiasm of one of the worlds most respected ministers.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 5: John “JP” Tooke

    "In this episode, Professor Travis Tooke site down with his brother Team Tooke manager. They discuss the challenges of operating a large martial arts school, engaging new students and handling the hurdles of business. Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts 10111 Grant Rd. Suite R Houston, TX 77070 281-955-7300 www.TravisTooke.com"
  • Tooke Talks Episode 4: Anthony Martinez

    Professor Travis talks with his student of 12 years and Team Tooke Jiu-jitsu Academy kids instructor Anthony Martinez. Anthony shares his martial arts journey from a 5 year old new Jiu-jitsu student to academic standout and future West Point Candidate.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 3: Professor Jose Llanas

    "Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Champion and Team Tooke Kids Class head coach joins the podcast to discuss his experience as a student, competitor and instructor. Great life lessons from a man who lives the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle and walks the martial arts path. "
  • Tooke Talks Episode 2-Professor Mike Torres

    Professor Travis Tooke interviews Black Belt Mike Torres. In this interview, these Jiu-jitsu instructors discuss, training, teaching and the challenges of opening and operating a successful Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy.
  • Tooke Talks Podcast: Episode 1

    Professor Travis Tooke introduces his new podcast, Tooke Talks. In this episode , Travis details the purpose of the podcast, what to expect in future episodes and his best tips for improving in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu