• Tooke Talks Episode 16: Robby Rabadi

    Jiu-jitsu instructor Professor Robby Rabadi joins Travis for a very special discussion about attitude, mindset and leadership. Robby is a Jiu-jitsu Black Belt, an undefeated MMA fighter and the master instructor of Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu affiliate in Round Rock, TX. He has worked with UFC fighters and has trained countless champions and martial arts leaders.
  • Jitsy Fit with Eric Schultz

    In this video I join Jitsyfit founder and Jiu-jitsu athlete Eric Schultz for a Jitsyfit workout. The Jitsyfit System is designed to maximize performance for combat athletes, increase stamina, improve agility and reduce the potential for injury. It's also incredibly fun and exhausting. Lots of smiling and sweating in this workout. We also discuss the applications of the system and how to make the most of your workouts. Enjoy and please remember to give this video a Like and Share! Check out www.JitsyFit.com for more information
  • Tooke Talks Podcast Episode 15: Miguel Castro

    Black Belt Miguel Castro joins the Tooke Talks Jiu-jitsu Podcast. Professor Miguel is a Brown Belt IBJJF World Champion, a Black Black Belt under Travis Tooke and owns and operates Team Tooke Cypress. Miguel has an uncanny ability to connect with his students, especially his youth group. In this podcast he discusses how he started from very little to develop a top tier kids martial arts program.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 14: Positivity during a Pandemic w/ Anthony Martinez

    Team Tooke Jiu-jitsu Blue Belt Anthony and Professor Travis Tooke discuss mindset and attitude during the pandemic and offer ideas and insight on how to stay focused and grow during this challenging time.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 13: Michael White CEO RES Nation

    RES Nation CEO Michael White joins the Tooke Talks Jiu-jitsu Podcast to discuss how he built his business from the ground up. Michael White is a Jiu-jitsu Purple Belt, an incredibly successful entrepreneur and a dedicated family man. His advice and wisdom shared in this episode are valuable for anyone who has the drive and ambition to turn their dreams into reality.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 12: Team Tooke Disney World

    The Team Tooke Instructors visit Disney World for a martial arts business trip. They take the time to film this episode and share some great moments and advice with one another. This was the first episode with several of the Team Tooke coaches all together.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 11: Alyssa Cantu

    MMA/Jiu-jitsu Coach and Fitness Professional Alyssa Cantu joins Tooke Talks for episode 11. Alyssa discusses her journey as a Jiu-jitsu student, an entrepreneur and coach to one of the UFC's top prospects. Alyssa is a charming, vulnerable and motivational leader. Listen up and take notes. Enjoy!
  • Tooke Talks Episode 10: Andrew Craig

    Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and former UFC Fighter Andrew Craig joins the Tooke Talks podcast. Andrew and Travis are cousins and this interview was like all other get togethers...lots of laughs! Andrew shares his thoughts on the local UFC event in town that weekend and insight from his background. Great talk from one of Texas' most successful MMA fighters.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 9: Dr. Luu

    CEO of Ollin Athletics and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt joins the show. Dr. Luu has worked with Travis Tooke since the early days in the garage and is now a Black Belt and highly regarded strength and conditioning coach for some of the top athletes in the country. In this episode he shares his insight into training, recovery and injuries. Great episode for all combat athletes.
  • Tooke Talks Episode 8: Eric Garcia

    Fury Fighting/Submission Hunter CEO Eric Garcia joins the show. Eric is a self made entrepreneur and on the show he shares his journey through the business world of Mixed Martial Arts and Jiu-jitsu. He also has excellent advice for up and coming MMA fighters and shares his wisdom from years of being one of the top MMA organizations in the country.