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How Martial Arts Teach Kids the Life Skills to Succeed and Thrive? 

How Martial Arts Teach Kids the Life Skills to Succeed and Thrive? 


By Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Houston, TX  


Martial Arts is more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle. Whether we talk about sports, the household, and the academic life of children, Martial Arts lets your kid feel the confidence needed to solve most of the life situations. In essence, Martial Arts become a bridge that a kid needs to thrive in life. 

However, the question arises, how exactly are Martial Arts helpful in teaching kids the life skills they need to incorporate? Let’s get specific! 


Clearing the Stereotypes 


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First thing’s first, there’s this stigma around the world that Martial Arts are aggressive and unethical for the kids. I blame movies for that part. But, if we talk about reality, Martial Arts incorporates the mental and physical growth of a child. It’s more than just landing punches and blows. 

Even though Martial Arts is a physically demanding and a taxing sport, the main point of teaching Martial Arts is not to build ego or be a narcissistic fella. Martial Arts is often taught for the purpose of self-defense. 

Hence, Martial Arts do not teach kids to be violent. It teaches them the necessary life skills and values they need to thrive in their lives. 


Life Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids 

  1. Martial Arts Improve Attention & Learning Issues in Children 


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Anthony Martinez joins the Tooke Talks Jiu-jitsu Podcast

It doesn’t matter what exercise we do. Exercise, in general, is super-rewarding for kids who are suffering from learning and attention issues. Specifically for kids with ADHD/ADD, it lets them build a flow and makes them recognize a pattern that they can benefit from.  

Moreover, a lot of problems come from childhood. If your kid is having difficulty in focusing, it can lead to various social and physical problems that must be solved in order to have a great life.  

On the other hand, Martial Arts develops mental and physical skills that incorporate following the rules and teach your kids the art of self-control.  


  1. Martial Arts Teach Self Confidence To kids 

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As a parent, it’s important for you to teach your kids self-confidence and how to respect others. This is where Martial Arts shine! When the kid knows that he can defend himself in sticky situations like bullying and fighting in general, he becomes calm and the self-confidence is on a whole new level. In short, Martial Arts gives a boost in self-worth and self-confidence.  


  1. Martial Arts Help in Achieving The Goals  


Once again, it’s the discipline and self-confidence that lead a person to a goal. A lot of kids suffer from lack of motivation and confidence. Martial Arts enables everyone (YES! Not Just Kids) to achieve goals at their own pace while making peace with their mind. Hence, when you’re mentally healthy, it’s only a matter of time that you’re going to achieve your goals. 


  1. The Power To Stand Back Up 



Life is uncertain. There are always ups and downs no matter who we are. However, it’s the person who can stand up after he/she fails who succeeds. Martial Arts focus on building the mental and physical prowess that’ll let a person handle a situation in the sanest way possible. 

Goal setting is one of the most important aspects of Martial Arts and it requires a lot of failing to reach goals in this department. In other words, learning from the failure and ability to rebound STRONGER is what Martial Arts teach the kids. 


  1. Healthy Body Is Equal To Healthy Mind 


Jiu-jitsu Fitness
Jiu-jitsu is great for fitness and agility


Martial Arts focuses a lot on physical fitness. Specifically for kids, it helps them to have a sturdier base and starting point to lead a healthy life. The exercise includes cardio, strength training, stretching, and skills to train the mind so that your kids can remain fit while achieving their life goals. 

Moreover, having a fit body is essential for having a healthy mind. Healthy Body helps us in other areas of life such as social interactions, increased energy level, and self-confidence that will give you peace of mind. 


  1. Martial Arts Build Leaders 


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Leadership requires accountability, self-discipline, confidence, and a plethora of other qualities. Martial Arts is empowering kids to feel more confident in what they do, and as a result, their focus and hard work pays off.  

Moreover, it helps the slow learners and kids that are considered to have bad grades in school and turn them into a person they wish they were in their minds. Hence, at the  end of the day, Martial Arts create leaders who have the potential to run our community! 


Final Verdict 

Martial Arts is more like a system that can form the shape of an ideal teacher for all the kids. It teaches us important life skills and skills in general to achieve the goals and become a happier person. Martial Arts creates leaders and it has the potential to have a kid craft his/her life the way he/she always wanted. 


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