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BJJ is a MUST for Realistic Self Defense Training In All Martial Arts

BJJ: The Rise of the most dominant combative art form

The rise in popularity of events like the UFC over the past 2 decades has shown the world the realities of BJJ in combat fighting. Long gone are the misconceptions of real fights mimicking the speedy punches and flying kicks popularized by Hollywood. Today’s combat martial arts professional is well versed in bjj (Brazilian Jiu-jtsu), Muay Thai kickboxing and Wrestling. And while many fighters may come from a background in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo…etc., all have added consistent bjj training into their regimen. But what about self defense training? Of course Jiu-jitsu training makes sense when discussing one on one combat matches in a cage with rounds, rules and game planning. But what about an unexpected attack at school or in the streets?

BJJ for Realistic Self Defense

The realities of a self defense altercation are different than what most imagine. We visualize defending ourselves with fancy blocks and knockout strikes to our would be attacker. While this might work at times, the truth is that most altercations between 2 people involve a push, shove or swing of some sort followed by grabbing and eventually going to the ground. Having a solid understanding of BJJ and grappling is essential in being able to defend yourself. Especially if your opponent is much larger or stronger that you. The techniques of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu will ensure that you will remain safe and control the match. Of course, self awareness and the ability to avoid dangerous encounters is most important. And while all forms of martial arts can provide some level of self defense, a fundamental understanding of grappling techniques is essential.

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