Andrew Craig earns his Jiu jitsu Black Belt

Andrew Craig earns his Jiu jitsu Black Belt from Professor Travis Tooke

Andrew Craig earns his Jiu jitsu Black Belt

Long time student, UFC fighter and  Team Tooke instructor Andrew Craig earned his Jiu-jitsu Black Belt from coach and cousin Travis Tooke. Andrew began his Mixed Martial Arts journey in his cousins garage back in 2005 just for fun. He began his competition career as a local amateur and quickly rose through the ranks. Soon he became one of the top rated fighters in all of Texas. Only a year or so later he was fighting in the biggest organization on the planet, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC. Professor Andrew is a fun loving, hard working athlete who has excelled in Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA. He now has aspirations of opening his own school where he can share his passion for Mixed Martial Arts with his students.


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Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy is run by 4th degree Black Belt Travis Tooke. Professor Travis earned his Black Belt in Brazil under Carlos Gracie Jr. in 2004 and runs one of the most successful Martial Arts academies in Texas. For more information on Team Tooke please visit the website at or call 281-955-7300 for more information.