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Jiu jitsu in Houston: Jiu-jitsu is growing at an incredible pace

Jiu jitsu in Houston, TX

Jiu-jitsu in TX is growing at an incredible rate. Just about 10 years ago there were only a handful of black belts in the greater Houston area. These included Eric Williams, Alvis Solis,  Travis Tooke, Vinicius, “Draculino” Magalhaes and a few others. But, today there are over one hundred Jiu-jitsu black belts in Houston alone. And the number of schools is higher than ever. There is literally no excuse not to learn Jiu jitsu while living in Houston. With all the growth and expansion over the past decade, Jiu-jitsu is everywhere. Therefore, today there are academies representing Gracie Barra, Alliance, Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu, Brazilian Top Team, GFT…the list goes on. And, while not all schools are created equally, there are certainly some top quality instructors in the greater Houston area for Jiu-jitsu lessons.

Finding the right Martial Arts School

When deciding which school is the best fit for you and your family it is very important to consider the values and principles of that school. Do they align with your values? Are the instructors competent? Do you feel welcomed when you come to class? And, is there a long term plan of growth for you as you progress? These are the questions that you should ask when trying out new schools. Most academies allow for a free trial and hopefully and introductory lesson as well. Be sure to take advantage of this and ask lots of questions? And, if you happen to be in the North Houston area I would love to have you in for a free trial of our classes. Team Tooke specializes in character enrichment in our kids programs. We also have very successful competitors. From UFC fighters to Jiu-jitsu world champions, you will find the right path toward reaching your goals here!

Team Tooke Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy

10111 Grant Rd. Suite R Houston, TX 77070