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Why Your Daily Routine is so important

Why Your Daily Routine is so Important

Your daily routine is not something you likely brag about. It seems that even the word routine carries a negative tone. “Ugh! That’s so routine…” we might say referring to something that is predictable and repetitive. But the truth is, the way to structure your routine and the consistency you keep with it makes a huge difference in your quality of life. A structured routine that compounds in the results it provides can be the difference between realizing your true potential and quitting too soon. There is virtually no such thing as overnight success. Realizing a big life goal requires years of dedication, sacrifice, failure and, of course, a consistent daily routine.

Does your routine support your larger goals?

Not all routines are created equal. A routine consisting of McDonalds breakfast, an unhealthy lunch, alcohol, cigarettes, little sleep and no exercise will not produce any desirable results. Also, an unfulfilling job that doesn’t align with your ethics or values will only serve to create growth for someone else. Identifying what you’re passionate about and designing your plans around that passion will give you the life you want. What is required is patience and consistency. One day of work toward your goals is unlikely to yield any significant results. Even a week or a month might have very little to show. Stay the course, adjust when necessary, and watch the power of compounding interest do what it does. As a Jiu-jitsu Black Belt, I realize the sacrifice and dedication required to reach a very large goal. The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt is a rare achievement that often takes over a decade to achieve. But, like I tell my students, it’s simple, not easy. It is merely a matter of training consistently every week, correcting mistakes, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone a little more with each class and you will be a black belt one day.

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