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Submission Wrestling is a great to prepare for realistic self defense

Submission Wrestling for self defense training

Many martial artists are gravitating toward Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and grappling because of its realistic nature. As a means to gain perspective and understanding on how to fight from the ground, this makes sense. As a result, the art has grown tremendously. Submission wrestling is very similar to traditional brazilian jiu-jitsu with one major difference…there is no gi to grab onto. Therefore, No Gi grappling has become very popular among MMA fighters. And, it has even spawned the most prestigious and lucrative grappling competition; ADCC. Because there is not a gi to grab onto, the grips and submissions are different. Therefore, students will need to grip the wrists as opposed to gripping sleeves. Or, pull the neck as opposed to grabbing the collar. Also, there is no collar for all of the collar chokes. These are just a few differences in the art.

Submission Wrestling is fun!

No gi grappling is fast, dynamic and incredibly fun. Therefore, students of Brazilian jiu-jitsu who train in the gi everyday usually love the transition to no gi training. It’s an important way to challenge yourself and find a new avenue of creativity in the martial arts. That is why I strongly recommend that students of martial arts train in both gi and no gi. Most submission wrestling academies will allow students to train in both if they offer classes in both styles. So, if you have the chance to train No Gi grappling you need to try it ASAP! It’s fun, physically demanding and very realistic. Those are just a few of the many reasons why you should give No-Gi grappling a try and see what you have been missing out on.

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