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Submission Wrestling: ADCC 2019-The Worlds Greatest Grapplers

ADCC is the Olympics of Submission Wrestling

This past weekend the submission wrestling world tuned in to witness greatness. The worlds best grapplers competed in what is often referred to as the Olympics of No-Gi Jiu-jitsu. Among the stars of the event were Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, JT Torres, Andre Galvao, Gordon Ryan and many more. There were many big upsets as well as lots of doubts laid to rest. This year drew the largest crown in the events history. And many would agree that the level of competition was at an all time high. In the end, the 2 biggest winners were Andre Galvao and Gordon Ryan.

Submission Wrestling and ADCC crowns old and new champions

In the Super Fight, Andre Galvao defended his title against Felip Pena (winner of the absolute division in 2017). This victory secured Galvao’s place as the best No Gi grappler in history…at least for now. In the absolute division, Gordon Ryan took home the top spot edging out Marcus Almeida. Ryan was also the winner in his weight class so he is the only competitor of the event to take home double gold! Many of the favorites succumbed to unexpected losses while others stars were born. JT Torres returned to win his division once again showcasing a technically sound game plan. Nicky Rodriguez surprised everyone to shred through his division just falling short in the final. Tanquinho showed that he still has what it takes to be a grappling champ by winning gold in his weight. This is al the more impressive since his focus has been more focused on MMA for the past few years. All together, this event was pure fire and has set the bar for he future of grappling competition. I can’t wait to witness ADCC 2021!

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