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Martial Arts Warrior Crucible at Team Tooke

Warrior Crucible

Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy has just wrapped up its latest edition of the Warrior Crucible. This is a 12-13 hour event designed to take participants to their physical limits and push the boundaries of what self belief. Activities of the event include: Calisthenics, Weight training, long distance running, plyometrics, yoga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, muay thai, Ice Bath and Advanced Breathing practice. By the end, one student calculated that he burned just over 4,000 calories throughout the day! To say that the event was difficult would be a ridiculous understatement…the event was INSANELY HARD! However, by the end the teammates were still pushing to finish and, more importantly, pushing one another to give their best!

Mental Toughness

Though the event was physically demanding from the onset, the true test of character was in the mental fortitude that all the Team Tooke Martial Arts students displayed. Everyone was exhausted by the end of the first workout. They all had to come together for another 10 hours after! The ice bath and yoga sessions were nice resets to recharge the body. But by the time everyone got to the Muay Thai, MMA and Jiu-jitsu training, few had much left in the gas tank. The team pushed through, dug deep and came to the final evolution of the event. 45 minutes of intense, Wim Hoff style guided breathing.

A better version of you

The goal of the event is n0t just to challenge yourself as a martial artist but to leave the event a better person. This time was no exception as everyone will undoubtedly carry the lessons shared together into future goals. Age may slow us all down eventually, but we will remember those times that were forged by struggle and determination and use these moments to guide us and our loved ones to a better and brighter future!