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Learning Martial Arts for Bully Prevention 

Learning Martial Arts for Bully Prevention 

By Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Houston, TX  

Anti Bullying Classes

Bullying is one of the major issues that can cause problems to a child. It can have negative effects on your kid’s health that will include depression, anxiety, stress, anger, sadness, and a lot of other everyday problems that a lot of parents do not notice at first.  

Moreover, when a child is bullied, he loses interests in his studies and social life too. That will cause the basic human growth to stop.  

Hence, as a parent, it’s your responsibility to teach your children what they can do to protect themselves if they are being bullied. One of the best ways a kid can protect himself against bullying is by learning the arts of self defense. As we all know, Martial Arts is one of the biggest self-defense methods that we can use.  

There are lots of reasons why children would learn Martial Arts and it’s not just their method of self defense but their lifestyle too. So, let’s talk about how learning Martial Arts can help to avoid bullying. 


How can Martial Arts and Jiu-jitsu stop bullying? 





First thing’s first, a bully targets weak or at least “weak-looking” children. But how do they even find that a certain kid is weak just by looking? Well, they can tell by the social interaction, way of walking, and overall behavior to track whether the child is strong or not. Hence, teaching the basic habits are important for bullying prevention, and that’s why a lot of Martial Arts programs train the kids physically and mentally. 



Interaction Style/Posture 


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your demeanor or the way you interact with people around you. When a kid is shy or he acts scared, he’s bound to get attacked. However, it can be avoided as Martial Arts is about discipline and standing posture. When you stand straight, it gives you a confidence that is almost unshatterable. 

Martial Arts helps children in keeping their shoulders back, chest out, eyes looking forward, and most of all, high head. Compared to the children who are looking down, moving in a cowardly manner, it gets attached to their identity. 


Impenetrable Communication Skills/Self Confidence 


Aside from the confidence stance, Martial Arts teaches something valuable that will last a lifetime. It’s self confidence and communication skills. In a lot of movies and dojos, you’ll see kids following their master’s voice and answering them verbally. A lot of students use the “Kihap” method to exert verbal energy and land a punch or kick at the same time. When a child goes to this type of training, he can not only protect himself but he can be verbally dominant to the bully. 

And once the verbal confidence is shown, the bully thinks twice before attacking an innocent child. 



Attacking and moving away 


The student of Jiu-jitsu knows how to pass guards, sweep opponents and do submissions. But most importantly, he knows how to fight. We don’t mean violence by this. However, sometimes, bullying can go to extreme cases and that’s where all the physical training comes into play. Learning how to overcome challenges while remaining calm mentally can give a lot of benefits.  

While bullies mostly torture mentally, and once your kid learns the art of staying calm, he just walks away. Hence, in most cases, violence isn’t needed to solve the bullying problem. 


The Harmless Training Process 


We know that a lot of parents are concerned about the training process and what if their children get hurt in the process of learning these self defense techniques? That’s where a Martial Arts dojo comes in.  

Learning Martial Arts step-by-step is super-important. When we take things on a mat, it eliminates the risk factor of getting hurt. But Martial Arts is more about training your mind and body, and it should only be used when necessary!   




This bad culture of bullying must be stopped. It is your responsibility as a parent/guardian to prepare your children for self defense. Therefore, Martial Arts is the ultimate cure to eliminate bullying by enabling your kids to learn the art of self defense and master self control. 


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