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Improving your Jiu-jitsu during quarantine

How can you still improve your jiu-jitsu during quarantine?

Like most athletes around the world,  Jiu-jitsu students have been forced away from the activity that they love the most. And while some students have opted to discontinue training for the time being, most students are staying active online. Martial Arts schools around the world have been operating classes online for their teams. And, most of their student base are participating in class each week. But can you really improve without drilling and sparring with another person?

What can I do to get better when my choices for training are limited?

If there is one thing we Jiu-jitsu athletes can appreciate through this situation, it is our teammates. We have taken for granted that we would always have plenty of training partners to choose from on any day of the week. Now that that is not the case, what can we do to still improve? Is it even possible? What many practitioners fail to recognize is the value of solo drills and visualization. Isolated movements and visualization drills is not just a hopeful idea. It has hard data to back it up. Through split testing 2 groups of basketball players working free throws, visualization and drilling without a ball has proven to be virtually identical to practicing with a real ball. The same tests have been conducted with other sports and now Jiu-jitsu students are proving that you can make great improvements using the  same method.

The choice is yours

You are the one who ultimately decides how much daily effort you will put into your training. This quarantine is not stopping you from drilling, visualizing, improving your agility, fitness, range of motion…etc. In fact, I have spoken to a few students who claim that they are understanding Jiu-jitsu better than ever before through online drilling, Q&A sessions and a focus on improving their physicality. Make the decision to take full responsibility for your growth during this time. You have the opportunity to train and adapt like a true black belt and while others are opting for the easy route, you will emerge a stronger, more agile and more technical martial artist. Now go get ready for class!


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