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12 Benefits of Learning Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts and your health

When people hear the term “Mixed Martial Arts” or “MMA”, they all to often conjure up images of UFC fighters battling inside of a cage. Don’t get me wrong, that too, is Mixed Martial Arts. But there is another side to this art…the everyday guy or gal that trains at the local MMA school. This students may not be looking to be the next Bellator champ, but sees the incredible benefits of training in Mixed Martial Arts.

12 Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

Increased power: the ability to execute realistic self defense techniques with increased speed, accuracy and force
Increased strength: depending on the style practiced, you can expect to see increased strength in both upper and lower body. Primarily, increased core strength
Increased flexibility/range of motion: greater range of motion in all major limbs
Better balance: Many techniques require strong balance. The more a student practices these techniques, the better their balance will become.
Improved breathing: the ability to control ones breathing, remain calm under stress and focus on the objective
Increased stamina: train longer and with greater intensity as the month continues.
Weight lossPeople who have a few pounds to lose will find that martial arts training burns calories faster than most other activities available to them
Greater resistance to stress: with greater physical strength and endurance, your ability to resist external stresses will also increase
Stress Relief: As with many forms of exercise, martial arts is great for relieving stress. One advantage martial arts has over the gym or working out alone is the human connection; you’re training alongside new friends typically and that usually feels good
Increased focus: martial arts requires your full attention. You must be “in the moment” to have a productive training session. This type of practice carries over to other daily activities (driving, conversing, exercising, dinner with friends…etc.)
Improved sleep: Martial Arts training is a full body workout and the physical requirements are unconventional and somewhat unpredictable…so you will be tired after class, and you’ll sleep like a baby
Technical proficiency: obviously, if you are learning and practicing martial arts techniques, your skills will improve
Hopefully you can now see the vast benefits of learning and training Mixed Martial Arts. Whether you have aspirations of becoming a champion on the mat or in the cage, or you just want to improve your quality of like, you can find great growth and experience inside the walls of a great martial arts school.
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