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Training Martial Arts in a Post Pandemic Era

How will martial arts training look moving forward?

The landscape of martial art training has been altered significantly. The pandemic of Covid-19 has forced the martial arts world to either adapt or throw in the towel and give up teaching. With Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and other styles closing down all over the world, instructors have been dealt a challenging hand. The question is, how can we lead our students toward their goals with such limitations? While the situation is not ideal, many schools have adapted very well. The use of online platforms like Zoom have made training from home a new part of our lives. In fact, the results have been so great, many schools plan to keep their online platforms going even when life returns to normal.

Was the Pandemic actually a good thing for Martial Arts Schools?

No one would dare say that there was much good about the current pandemic we are experiencing. But the intelligent martial artist, business owner, or generally self reliable person will always find light in the dark. The reality is that during the quarantine, thousands of people found themselves at home, bored and looking for a healthy outlet. This was especially true for parents. Parents had kids who were now confined to their homes with no school to attend. While the world didn’t ask for or want a shutdown, some were finding creatine ways to reach an audience that they never had prior to the current events. At Team Tooke, online classes were often larger than regular group classes. Many times over 50 children would attend, several of which were brand new to the martial arts.

So what can we learn from this?

When you are low on resources…become resourceful. Do what is within your power be a part of the solution. And stay away from the people who spew pessimistic venom every chance that they get. Be part of the wildly optimistic few who will dare to find opportunity and hope in the midst of panic. Those are the people who change the world and ensure that we all come out of this stronger than ever before.