Martial Arts Guitar Player

Mixed Martial Arts and Music-The Art Of Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts and Music Mixed Martial Arts is not often considered an “art” by the standards of some. Many people believe that it equates to fighting. However, the truth is that martial arts is every bit as artistic as any of the other art forms. For this example I’ll compare it with the guitar. […]

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Travis Tooke Martial Arts Family

Martial Arts is Great for Developing Mental Toughness

Martial Arts Mental Toughness Perhaps the biggest benefit that Jiu-jitsu students gain is that of mental toughness. Martial Arts challenges your mind to overcome temporary physical discomfort while problem solving. Deciding how to overcome the offensive attacks of your opponent and achieve victory is no easy task. Becoming a great black belt involves years of […]

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Jiu-jitsu Baby

Jiu-jitsu classes for young children and why you should begin

Jiu-jitsu for Young Children I speak with many parents who are interested in getting their children started in Jiu-jitsu. However, they want to wait until their kids are older. There is a fear that a 3,4,5 or even 6 year old child is too young to benefit from a structured Jiu-jitsu program. Actually, I believe […]

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Travis Tooke Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu-jitsu and Martial Arts-Additional benefits of training

Jiu-jitsu and Martial Arts Benefits When most new students begin their Jiu-jitsu journey, their intention is to learn the art, the techniques, gain self defense and improve their fitness level. These are great attributes and a competent martial arts program certainly will provide all of them. But those are not the reasons that a student […]

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