Martial Arts for Teens

Jiu-jitsu for Teenagers

Teenagers are some of the most vulnerable people in today’s society when it comes to issues like peer pressure, bullying, anxiety and depression. The combination of hormone changes coupled with social media can make for a very vulnerable combination. Fortunately, martial arts has an unbelievably successful track record for helping teens thrive during this challenging time of their lives. Unlike group sports like football, soccer…etc., Jiu-jitsu gives teenagers all the benefits of organized sports but with an opportunity for everyone to play regardless of initial skill or talent level. On top of that, many martial arts schools like Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts focus heavily on character development. These skills include discipline, focus, goal setting, teamwork, integrity, work ethic and responsibility among others. The atmosphere of daily discipline coupled with caring coaches who are working hard to bring out the best in students makes Jiu-jitsu and environment where teens can thrive.

Positive Atmosphere for Teenagers

The atmosphere of a great Jiu-jitsu Academy is exactly what teenagers need to prosper and thrive in a distracted society. Skills such as effective listening and communication, conflict resolution and confidence are the building block of a good career and a good life. Imagine going through your youth not learning how to deal with the challenges of being a kid. Now fast forward a few years when you have real, adult problems but no training on how to respond emotionally. Life is very hard for people like this. By training in Jiu-jitsu week after week, while pursuing the goal of black belt, teenagers learn resilience and perspective. This training gives them so much more than real self defense and fitness. It gives them the tools to lead a great life for themselves and their families.


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