Bully Prevention in Martial Arts

Martial Arts helps kids avoid becoming targets of bullies


Martial Arts Training for Bully Prevention

At first glance, martial arts training to prevent bullying seems obvious. Teach kids self defense techniques and they will be able to fight off the bullies, right. But physical fighting should only be the last resort. The sad truth is that bullies seek weak looking targets. What martial arts teaches children is how to present themselves in a strong, confident manner so they do not attract bullies to begin with. By standing upright, walking tall and presenting yourself as someone who is in charge of their world, kids become less attractive to bullies who only seek to pick on the weak and frail.

Outer Strength and Inner Strength

Jiu-jitsu training develops the body in ways that no other activities can. It builds speed, agility, strength and power. Students become more flexible, develop cardiovascular stamina and recover faster from physical exertion. On top of all that, they learn to defend themselves with realistic techniques that are effective even against opponents who are much bigger or stronger than they are. But the real magic of Jiu-jitsu is that kids develop inner strength and confidence which are huge repellents to would be bullies. A confident kid speak assertively, tries new things and works toward challenging and interesting goals. In short, confident kids are not only unlikely to have to deal with bullies, but will overcome any negative encounters that they might possibly have if they ever are the target of a bully. To conclude, the number one thing that parents can do to prevent their child from the harm of bullies is to have them get onto a path of earning their jiu-jitsu black belt. This will give them the skills they need to excel in school and later in life as an adult.


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