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Team Tooke Muay Thai Sparring Day is a huge success!

A Great Day for our Muay Thai team!

Team Tooke Muay Thai students gathered together for a memorable experience at the Team Tooke Headquarters in on Saturday, MArch 16th for our quarterly Muay Thai sparring day. This event allowed our Muay Thai Kickboxing students to experience the thrill of competition in a safe and controlled environment with their teammates cheering them on. Our friends from Gracie Barra The Woodlands joined the action for some thrilling and competive matches. 

Why everyone should participate in this event

Many more students were interested in taking part in the sparring day but ultimately decided to wait. While this is understandable, it is important to realize that these events provide one of the fastest ways to grow your skillset and experience martial arts at a high level…even if you are just a beginner. Professor Todd Moore and Cameron Graves worked carefully to select the right training partners to ensure that everyone had a fair and fun experience. Everyone was nervous, of course, and by the end everyone was pretty exhausted as well. But that’s what makes us better. I’m incredibly proud of everyone’s effort and I cannot wait for the next event!


If you are interested in learning more about Muay Thai Kickboxing give us a call today at 281-955-7300 to schedule a 2 week free trial.

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