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Muay Thai Kickboxing is one of the best ways to get in shape!

Muay Thai is a great way to get in shape

Students of Muay Thai Kickboxing are often in search of a way to learn great self defense. They also want a great workout. However, after a few classes they soon realize that Thai Boxing offers one of the best ways to burn calories and get into great shape. In addition to the huge fitness gains, students of Thai Boxing are well equipped to defend themselves in a real self defense situation. For these reasons, kickboxing has become very popular. And it is one of the most important parts of training for professional athletes and fighters.

Muay Thai Kickboxing develops strength, speed, power and agility

Many forms of  fitness training offer improvements is individual areas but few can compete with Muay Thai as a complete workout. Weight training is great for developing strength but can hinder flexibility and agility. Running is great for cardio and burning calories but can wear away at muscles and sometimes cause strength loss. Yoga is amazing for flexibility and breath control but offers little in terms of developing power and speed. Kickboxing is exceptional in its ability to develop several areas of improvement. The punches and kicks of kickboxing are ideal for developing speed and power while increasing agility and flexibility. The balance required during technical training gives students a strong core and helps strengthen the abs and lower back muscles. In addition, the large muscle groups involved in the execution of the techniques means that students will burn more calories than nearly all other forms of exercise.

If you are interested in the fitness and self defense aspects of  kickboxing I encourage you to try our program for 30 days free. Give us a call today to schedule your free introductory lesson!

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