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Team Tooke Martial Arts Academy teaches children People Awareness

Kids Martial Arts in Houston, TX

People Awareness

One of the most noticeable side effects that our martial arts kids students experience is People Awareness. People Awareness describes a persons ability to understand a persons mental state, energy level, intention and, when applicable, that individual’s threat level. Because students train in a realistic environment, they are constantly engaged in training methods that stimulate and heighten this extra sense. Live drills, games and Jiu-jitsu sparring require a tremendous amount of focus and help children learn to better understand the feelings, emotions and soon to be actions of others around them.

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If you would like to learn how you and your family can benefit from these qualities while making new friends and connecting better with one another, give us a call. For a limited time we are offering a 2 week free trial PLUS a free introductory lesson for the entire family. Call us today at 281-955-7300 to get started this week!


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