Self confident kids in Jiu-jitsu

Learning Self Confidence Through Martial Arts 

Learning Self Confidence Through Martial Arts 

 By Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Houston, TX  

 Martial Arts trains you not to just become a powerful fellow, however, a lot of the training involves becoming mentally strong too. In addition to those self-defense skills, you are going to improve your self-confidence too. Hence, physical and mental health, it’s all included in the world of Martial Arts. 

Everyone can benefit from Martial Arts. Whether you’re a male, female, kid, old, young, the training knows no limits. I can even go as far as to say that Martial Arts provides full training for both mind and body. Hence, when you’re mentally and physically fit, you get a huge boost in your self-confidence. 

If you’re not quite sure how Martial Arts can help you in improving your self confidence, here we go. 


Martial Arts teaches you to overcome the unexpected challenges 


We live in a world where everything is uncertain. The fear of the unknown is something that a lot of people fear every day. The constant series of “what ifs” can mentally disturb an individual. But when it comes to Martial Arts, it’s much deeper than that.  

In the world of Martial Arts, anything can happen. Winning and losing is a big part that makes you realize how uncertain your life is. Maybe you lost to your opponent even though you felt like you were stronger. 

On the other hand, when there’s no way out, you start to embrace the outcome. Winning or losing? These types of challenges don’t even matter anymore. Comparing this to real life, Martial Arts makes you prepare for the challenges and gives you self-confidence by eliminating the fear of the unknown. 


Martial Arts focuses on Individual Growth


Probably one of the best things about Martial Arts is that it pushes you according to your own pace. You’re not going to get judged. You’re going to make individual growth, and that’s just how it is. Every person progresses at his own pace. You cannot expect everyone to move at the same pace. 

Hence, you don’t compare yourself with other Martial Arts students, and this is important for kids as they’ll get a huge boost in self-confidence. Moreover, when you start mastering your craft, even small accomplishments can give you a sense of fulfillment. When you know that your hard work is paying off, you’ll become self-aware and confident. 


Failing and picking yourself up with Martial Arts


Failure is a part of life. A lot of us are so afraid of failure that even the thought of failing shatters our self confidence. In reality, it’s the opposite. A person who’s never failed in his life will hardly improve. Therefore, Martial Arts teaches us that all great lessons are learned through failure. Big or small, there’s always a lesson in failure. 

While you will be learning a lot in Martial Arts, don’t expect it to be easy. You’ll be defeated multiple times, and you’ll realize that only you can pick yourself up. Perfection is wrong and failure is inevitable. When you learn these two lessons, your self-confidence increases drastically. 


Martial Arts relieves your stress 


Just like failure, stress is a part of our lives too. Whether our stress is related to constant fights or having less time to enjoy the luxuries of life, Martial Arts gives us some room to relax and breathe. Moreover, when you’re doing physical labor, your stress is bound to release.  

Martial Arts practice is ideal to get rid of stress, and it tackles almost all aspects of your life that are difficult. 

For example, a big component of Jiu-jitsu is breath control. And when you make your breathing move in a flow, it connects your mind with your body, giving you physical and mental relief from stress. 


Martial Arts enables you to learn something new 


Breaking limits and learning new skills are a big part of Martial Arts. If you think that you know everything, Martial Arts will prove you wrong. Rather than slacking off and procrastinating, when you learn Martial Arts, you learn so many valuable things that it gives you the ultimate self confidence. 

For example, the main goal of Martial Arts is to teach the students self discipline, self worthself confidence, self reflection, and the ability to never give up! Pain brings more confidence. And this is not masochism. The main goal is to embrace that pain and learn something from it. 



Whether you want to learn the art of becoming self-confident or you want to surpass your abilities, Martial Arts provides a great base for you to have a more fulfilling and calm life. Especially for children, if you learn Martial Arts at a relatively young age, it can change the way their adulthood is being shaped up. 


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