Martial Arts

Team Tooke Newsletter August 2022



3 Core Values Helped Me on My Journey
Determination, focus, and optimism are three words I use to describe my journey to becoming a jiujitsu black belt and coach. At first, I had no idea how I could open my own training facility and begin teaching others the skills and values of martial arts. But I knew I wanted to do it, and that motivation led me to where I am today …CONTINUE READING

Martial Arts Can Prevent Bullying
Bullying is a problem that can affect anyone, no matter how old you are. About 20% of students ages 12–18 experience bullying nationwide. A recent survey by Harris Poll found that 31% of Americans are bullied as adults, and 43% say the behavior is becoming more common and accepted. So, what do we do about it? How can learning martial arts help the situation …CONTINUE READING

Explore Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels
Every family has their own approach when it comes to their children watching online content. The vast world of videos and channels in the media can be dicey. When media is used thoughtfully and appropriately, though, it can enhance your child’s learning experience. Here are four great YouTube channels for your kids, or even your whole family, to watc …CONTINUE READING

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