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Punching Your Way to a Stronger Upper Body in Martial Arts

When it comes to punches in martial arts, strength equals speed which equals power; the three are intertwined. So, while a certain amount of weight lifting may help to increase your punching power, similarly, throwing punches in martial arts will help you develop better upper body strength. Working out on the heavy bag, hitting focus pads and other methods of practicing punches are all ways to enhance upper body strength through martial arts technique.

Side Kicks for Lower Body Strength in Martial Arts

The side kick is one of the most immediate and devastating techniques in martial arts. Like a front snap kick in martial arts, side kicks utilize core muscles to some degree. However, side kicks place a greater demand on the lower body than many other martial arts kicks. Practicing side kicks is an excellent way to build greater strength in your legs, hips, and thighs. The hard work you put into building this strength through practicing your kicks in martial arts will pay dividends by translating as power when you unleash that side kick on a target.


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