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Martial Arts Teaches Children Three Important Life Skills

By Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Houston, TX



At Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy we believe Jiu-jitsu and Karate are very good ways to teach your children important qualities like respect, self-discipline, confidence and humility. We work with kids not only to teach them how to defend themselves but also how to become better people in their day to day life. From the moment the child enters his first session, they are taught to show respect. Respect toward their teacher, classmates, toward their lessons and routine. This learning overflows into their day-to-day lives where parents and elders can notice the child being more respectful and humble in their ways.


There are more than one advantages of learning karate, for children; here are some of the other reasons why karate is considered a good hobby for the kids.

  1. Karate makes kids more active

With more and more kids getting caught up in the virtual world of video games and internet surfing, they pay less attention to getting some exercise. Not every school offers PE nowadays. This leads to an alarming number of kids not exercising even a bit. For their proper growth and metabolism, kids and adolescents need good nutrition and a lot of exercise to keep fit and maintain a good metabolic system. Not exercising increases chances of obesity that can even lead to other obesity related diseases.  With karate, kids not only exercise and warm up, they do some hard core exercises. It makes them fitter, more agile and active. It boosts their stamina and helps them grow confident of their body and how they can use the art to defend themselves. Kids Karate classes at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy are really fun!


  1. Karate helps kids find focus


Martial arts focus on movements, flexibility, and require a lot of concentration. When kids learn karate they are taught all these qualities which they can use in their daily lives as well. Children learn to focus and control their thoughts and emotions which make them less vulnerable to outside influences and help them grow into stronger individuals. Even students with ADD and ADHD have experienced improved concentration and focus by practicing karate.


  1. Children learn to cope with life in Kids Karate Classes


When learning in a karate kid class environment, children learn to take hits, literally and figuratively. They learn to deal with disappointments in life. They start understanding that not everything can work out perfectly and to their advantage, so they need to accept it and move on in a bid to become a better person. Acceptance teaches children how to handle future situations more gracefully and successfully, instead of mulling over them for long hours.

At Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy , classes are an excellent way to boost a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Since every child comes with their own strengths and weaknesses, they are allowed to progress at their own pace. However the path to success is very similar for each and every child, yet unique to them. Children need to put in a lot of hard work and focus to earn their rewards, or belts. With more effort, self-discipline and goal-oriented attitude children work their way through earning belts to the ultimate goal of earning the black belt. With such extensive focus and hard work, children find it easier to achieve goals like scoring well on their tests and making friends at school.


Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Academy offers a variety of programs for both karate kids and martial arts for adults in Houston, TX!



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