The instructors at Team Tooke are absolutely amazing!

  • The instructors at Team Tooke are absolutely amazing!!! Their program for kids is one of the best I've ever seen. My son has excelled in everything on and off the mat faster than I anticipated. He's more vocal with adults speaking in respectful tones and more eye to eye contact. I raise my son to be a little adult and being a single parent, it's a little difficult for my son to retain without the backup of a second parent. With attending Team Tooke classes, it's become second nature with my son. All that is off the mat. What he's learned on the mat helps with exercise, patience, self defense and temper. My son has had temper issues since he was born. The older he gets, the better he handles it, but with the instructors at Team Tooke it's gotten much better much faster!! He's more confident with what he's learned on the mat and is only getting better every day. The instructors are very patient and give each student the instruction that is best for them individually. I feel amazingly blessed for having found Team Tooke and recommend them to everyone.