Jiu jitsu in Houston: Jiu-jitsu is growing at an incredible pace

Jiu jitsu in Houston, TX Jiu-jitsu in TX is growing at an incredible rate. Just about 10 years ago there were only a handful of black belts in the greater Houston area. These included Eric Williams, Alvis Solis,  Travis Tooke, Vinicius, “Draculino” Magalhaes and a few others. But, today there are over one hundred Jiu-jitsu […]

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MMA Kick

MMA is Much More Than A Sport, It’s A Way of Life

MMA is more than a sport Students of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) are some of the most dedicated athletes in the world. Especially if they are professional athletes competing for an opportunity to become a champion. However, Mixed Martial Arts as a career tends to be short compared to most careers. Injury, stress, financial challenges […]

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Submission Wrestling: ADCC 2019

Submission Wrestling: ADCC 2019-The Worlds Greatest Grapplers

ADCC is the Olympics of Submission Wrestling This past weekend the submission wrestling world tuned in to witness greatness. The worlds best grapplers competed in what is often referred to as the Olympics of No-Gi Jiu-jitsu. Among the stars of the event were Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, JT Torres, Andre Galvao, Gordon Ryan and many more. […]

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Submission Wrestling

Submission Wrestling is a great to prepare for realistic self defense

Submission Wrestling for self defense training Many martial artists are gravitating toward Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and grappling because of its realistic nature. As a means to gain perspective and understanding on how to fight from the ground, this makes sense. As a result, the art has grown tremendously. Submission wrestling is very similar to traditional brazilian […]

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Jiu-0jitsu Training with Xande Ribeiro

Jiu-jitsu Training is more than just an art, it’s a way of life

Jiu-jitsu Training is a way of life I have been involved in Jiu-jitsu, training 8-10 times per week for about 22 years. The reasons that I first started are completely different than the reasons I train today. I still love the challenge of competition. And I love learning new techniques. But Jiu-jitsu training has given […]

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