Jiu-jitsu Black Belt Jose Llanas

Jose Llanas takes home the Gold at the IBJJF Dallas Open Jiu-jitsu Competition

2021 IBJJF Dallas Open Jiu-jitsu Competition This past Saturday, March 6th the IBJJF Dallas Open Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Competition was held. Among the Team Tooke athletes competing was Jiu-jitsu black belt and instructor, Jose Llanas. Professor Jose competed in one of the most challenging divisions in the competition, black belt master 2 middle weight. Though the […]

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Travis Tooke and Steve Portillo in Jiu-jitsu Class

Jiu-jitsu for mental clarity and focus

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is great for mental focus The modern world of today is better than it has ever been for most everything that we value in life. However, with technological advancements comes some unwanted side effects. Most notably, the anxiety associated with over stimulation. Social media, smart phones and the dawn of instant information has […]

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New Jiu Jitsu Book: Jiu-jitsu and Life: Lessons Learned On and Off the Mat

Are you a Jiu-jitsu Student, Teacher or Competitor?

What kind of Jiu-jitsu artist are you? In any Jiu-jitsu class you will find a variety of student types. Some are hobbyists, some are competitive athletes and others have earned a spot teaching other students. This makes perfect sense. After all, people have different personalities and will naturally gravitate toward what most interests them. But […]

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Andre Galvao Gordan Ryan

Gordan Ryan Slaps Andre Galvao at WNO Jiu-jitsu Event

Gordan Ryan Slaps Andre Galvao at WNO Jiu-jitsu At the most recent “Who’s Number One”, Gordan Ryan returned to competition to face off against a very tough and talented Roberto Jimenez. Jiminez put on a strong performance but ultimately it was Ryan who was able to secure the mount position and win by arm bar. […]

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rodolfo vieira ufc 258

Black Belt Jiu-jitsu World Champion gets tapped by Purple Belt!

Rodolfo Vieira succumbs to submission at UFC 258 One of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu biggest stars ever made the transition into MMA juts a few short years ago. Rodolfo Vieira is a multiple time IBJJF world champion including winning the prestigious Absolute division. He has submission victories over the biggest names in the sport and is one […]

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