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Leadership Program

Team Tooke Leadership Program Congratulations on earning your invitation into the Team Tooke Leadership Program! We look forward to working with you to help you reach your goals and to become a true Martial Artist! Please watch the video below:  

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Martial Arts Family

Finding your Goldilocks Zone of Martial Arts training

The Goldilocks Zone of Martial Arts Finding the Goldilocks Zone of martial arts will help you grow at an exceptional rate while avoiding the burnout that many students face early on. This zone refers to a training zone that is neither too intense nor too comfortable. But rather, it’s just right for optimal growth and […]

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Jiu-jitsu Fitness

Why Your Daily Routine is so important

Why Your Daily Routine is so Important Your daily routine is not something you likely brag about. It seems that even the word routine carries a negative tone. “Ugh! That’s so routine…” we might say referring to something that is predictable and repetitive. But the truth is, the way to structure your routine and the […]

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Andrew Craig earns his Jiu jitsu Black Belt

Fear of Failure

Does the fear of failure prevent you from living the life you want? How many time have you heard someone say, “I’m not afraid to fail”? Perhaps you have said it yourself on more than one occasion. It sounds like the courageous, cliche response when confronting the possibility of failure. The reality is that the […]

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