Reasons vs. Excuses

Reasons Vs Excuses Excuses are something we all incorporate into our lives. But understanding them and how they might hinder our growth in Jiu-jitsu, martial arts and life can be very valuable. In this video I discuss the difference between “reasons” and “excuses” and challenge you to identify how and why you use excuses. I […]

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Kids Jiu jitsu Vision Boards

Team Tooke Kids Vision Boards

Team Tooke Kids Jiu jitsu Vision Boards In this video our Team Tooke students show their vision boards.The Vision Boards were a special project that our kids team participated in. The goal is for each of them to visualize their future as martial artists and as leaders when they grow up. We are super proud […]

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Why Students Quit Jiu jitsu

Why Students Quit Jiu-jitsu (And Why You SHOULDN’T)

Why Many Students Quit Jiu-jitsu In this video I discuss why there is a high number of students who quit their Brazilian Jiu-jitsu journey long before reaching the black belt. Then I talk about all the reasons why sticking with it and achieving the black belt is always worth the journey. The path toward black […]

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Team Tooke Jiu jitsu Logo

Leadership Program

Team Tooke Leadership Program Congratulations on earning your invitation into the Team Tooke Leadership Program! We look forward to working with you to help you reach your goals and to become a true Martial Artist! Please watch the video below:  

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