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Building the Leaders of Tomorrow through Martial Arts

Leadership in the Martial Arts

Whether we choose to be leaders or not, leadership is a skill that everyone will need in order to get through the challenges of life. Martial Arts instructors learn this invaluable skill through years of training and first hand teaching. Students might be thought of as followers since they are following the instructions and examples of their instructors in a Jiu-jitsu class. But as time goes on and their skills grow, they become leaders to the next generation of new students. Their experience is valuable to new students and they can help guide the during the initial phase of their journey even if they do so just as a training partner. What Jiu-jitsu martial artist’s learn over time is that the leadership skills they develop on the mat are equally important off of the training mat. Leadership skills such as listening, discipline, personal responsibility, positive attitude, teamwork…etc are vital for maintaining healthy relationships, achieving goals and overcoming hardships. 

How Jiu-jitsu creates new leaders

The many requirements to be a great teammate and martial artist are the same requirements to be a great leader in any field. As in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, leaders must be great teammates. Leaders must be patient. Leaders must demonstrate control. They must not blame others but rather, take ownership of their shortcomings and they must get up when knocked down. Leaders must respect themselves and others. Leaders should always be learning something new. Leaders set goals and develop a plan of action to reach those goals. Leaders never rest on their laurels but seek out new and ever more meaningful challenges. Leaders give back to their community. As you can see, the parallels between Jiu-jitsu training and leadership in the real world are very real. And remember, you’re never too old to learn  and you’re never too young to teach!


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